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What can you do with your Wellness Way Academy training?

This educational tool is geared toward preparing you to be able to support a client through the use of testing and nutritional recommendations including supplementation. While you cannot market yourself as a Wellness Way Clinic or as a Wellness Way practitioner, upon completion of this program you will be better positioned to help clients in your practice, be more marketable to Wellness Way clinics looking to hire, and even receive discounts should you choose to transition to full Wellness Way Franchise status.

Alumni Program

The support that you receive as being a student in The Wellness Way Academy doesn’t have to end with the education that is provided in the year long program. Many students love knowing they have continued access to the instructors even after they hit “submit” on their final exam. We have developed the alumni program, so for a low monthly cost, you can continue to have access to your instructors, bi-monthly ZOOM calls to go over your case studies and drive home the content material that you learned in your courses. This is an optional program upon graduation you can take advantage of so you can have the confidence to get the same clinical results in your practice if you need additional encouragement that you’re on the right track with your management of clientele after graduation.


If you want to bring the very best healthcare approach to your clientele, but you don’t want to lose your unique presence and brand within your community, then our Coaching Program is the solution you’ve been looking for. This program will equip you with extensive training on The Wellness Way’s approach while still allowing you the freedom to retain the brand and identity you’ve already built for yourself.


Graduating from The Wellness Way Academy does not guarantee employment with us, but our clinics are always looking for talented people. Check out our careers page or contact your local clinic to see what opportunities are available. Many of our clinics have found that using a Health Restoration Coach from our Academy program has been greatly beneficial to their practice.


We know the innvoation and impact of The Wellness Way name and brand; you know your community. A Wellness Way franchise combines our global strategy and local relationships to bring health restoration to your community. Like the robust curriculum of the Academy, we offer strategic and vigorous support for practice, operations, marketing, and more!

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