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The Wellness Way Academy

We’re looking for people of passion and character to share the unique perspective of The Wellness Way Approach.

What is happening?

American health is failing

What if we told you it’s not about the resources, the medical advancements, OR the healthcare facilities? What if we told you it’s about the approach… the understanding of the human body. The thinking.

Chronic conditions are skyrocketing in young and old alike. Why? We have more resources, more medical advancements, and more health care facilities than ever before in history.

Chronic health conditions are at an all time high

Despite medical advancements, we are sicker than ever. Something needs to change. The proof is in the trends. We can’t afford to let these trends continue. The time to do something is now!

1 in 10

adults have been diagnosed with cancer

1 in 6

children aged 2 – 8 yrs has a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder

17.3 million

global deaths per year caused by cardiovascular disease


of American adults have a preventable chronic disease

In 2018

the fertility rate in the U.S. dropped to a historic, record-setting low


of all deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease

The curriculum is robust, but can be divided into 4 key content areas

The Swiss Watch of Structure and Function

Learn how the body really works, and how crucial the integration of systems is to homeostasis.

Advanced Comprehensive Laboratory Testing Analysis

Learn the cutting-edge diagnostic tools used to evaluate function, and how to effectively interpret them.

Anatomy and Physiology, with Core Competency Reviews

Learn the individual systems of the body, how they function and interact, and how they can be supported.

A Proactive Approach to Healthcare

Learn to empower others to take control of their health and change the medical landscape of this country!

Meet Your

Our courses are led by two of our Wellness Way Doctors and one Nurse Practitioner, who have years of experience helping patients restore health.

Nicole Saleske FNP, APNP
Dr. Zach Papendieck

Is this course for you?

Understanding how the body works is key to understanding how to help people. This is an online educational tool geared toward preparing you to be able to support an individual to restored health, through the use of testing and nutritional recommendations, including supplementation.

This course IS for you if…

  • You have a passion for health
  • You are an excited and motivated learner
  • You are naturally skeptical about the status quo
  • You have a drive to positively impact people and want to change the trajectory of health in this country and beyond!

This course is NOT  for you if…

  • You are not comfortable in an e-learning environment
  • You are comfortable with the current health climate
  • You don’t prefer to question “the norm”
  • You think you cannot make a difference

See what our students are saying

“For me, it was absolutely worth it because I was that stay-home mom who really started out for her family, to try and figure it out. It took me farther than I would ever be able to get from any doctor.”

Melissa HillAcademy Student

How is Wellness Way Academy training different from traditional and even non-traditional medicine?

The Wellness Way looks at things differently. We are surrounded by health problems and disorders – so much so, that it’s quite common. However, just because something is common, does that make it normal? NO! Absolutely not.

We recognize the human body was not designed for disease. In fact, the word itself means there’s disorder. We know the human body was designed for order, and when properly supported, can return to normal function.

Fireman and Carpenter Principle

How do you properly support the human body? A traditional medical protocol? An alternative medicine herbal supplement or two? No. The human body can be properly supported when an individual is properly assessed, their unique needs understood, and consequently specifically addressed.

Today, we have fire department doctors. The Wellness Way Approach is the carpenter approach. In this academy, we will begin to train you on how to find what triggers a fire, and how to help support and rebuild where fires have been, and best of all, prevent any possible fires so that you and your clients can live a long and vibrant life!

How Our Online Training Classes Work


Enroll in the Program

The entire learning path has already been carefully curated for you. Simply Enroll.

Year-Long Educational Program

This year-long curriculum requires just 2 – 4 hours per week. There will be a full week break each quarter with a start and end date for your finals!

Access Our Unique Clinical Course Library

As you progress through the coursework, you will be taught the core of The Wellness Way approach to physiology, complete with learning tools and case studies.

Connect With Our Community

We are an US, WE, OUR culture, and that includes you! Engage with other students and key Wellness Way trainers in our dynamic discussion groups.

Earn Commission on Wellness Way Supplements and Testing

When you successfully enroll, you will be eligible for earning a percentage back on purchases you and your clients make at our store (for U.S. students).


What is required to fully complete Wellness Way Academy training?

Along with successful completion of coursework, to receive training certification, you will need to attend one Wellness Way University Live training seminar. One seminar is held annually. Seminars are 2 full days of training. If additional seminars become available, you will be notified.

What can I do with my Wellness Way Academy training?

This educational tool is geared toward preparing you to be able to support a client through the use of testing and nutritional recommendations including supplementation. While you cannot market yourself as a Wellness Way Clinic or as a Wellness Way practitioner, upon completion of this program you will be better positioned to help clients in your practice, be more marketable to Wellness Way clinics looking to hire, and even receive discounts should you choose to transition to full Wellness Way Affiliate status.

Do I have to become a Wellness Way affiliate after completion of Academy training?

No. While we love adding to our official network of clinics, you will not be required to become a Wellness Way clinic.

Do you offer tuition assistance?

We are pleased to be offering tuition assistance. In addition, as an academy student, you have the opportunity to receive funds back in the way of commissions on products purchased by yourself and your clients at

Is this business training to help me build my practice?

While positive health results always build a practice, this program is not covering the business and marketing aspects of running a company.

How long do I have access to the course material after completing the program?

You will have access to the courses and live material during the time you are enrolled as a student of the Academy. After completion of the program, Alumni status will be available to purchase to maintain access to trainings and support.

Is this Functional Medicine training? Will I be FM trained?

No. The Wellness Way employs and trains on a unique approach known as The Wellness Way approach. This is different from functional medicine, or any other “alternative” approach.

Can I share my course materials with friends/family?

No. Tuition costs associated with the program are on a per person basis and may not be shared with anyone regardless of relationship/household status. You cannot share, distribute, post publicly any of the weekly content/quizzes/course materials with anybody. However, you can coach them toward better health with the training you receive!

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